Let’s #GetOrganized

Messy Notebooks

Organization. It’s my middle name. (Actually, it’s Ann, in case you really wanted to know.) 

I pride myself on being an organizing guru; my to-do lists are impeccably detailed, every item in my house has a “home”, and I often do a purge of everything I haven’t touched in a couple of months.

Over at Wayfair, they want all of their customers to start the year off the right way… the organized way. They asked me to share two tips on how I keep my home organized.

  1. Bins, Bins, and more Bins! I am a huge fan of storage bins. I use them for almost everything: Christmas decorations, under the bed storage, office organization – you name it, I have a bin for it! They help keep me organized and I can easily return to a bin and know exactly what is inside. I recently purchased these great gold wire bins for my office, to keep all of my pretty notebooks neat and organized!

Office Organization

2. Hanging Organizers: I have a TON of amazing statement necklaces, big bracelets and funky earrings that just wouldn’t fit in a jewelry box or drawer. What was a girl to do? I decided on two hanging jewelry organizers where I keep all of my fun jewelry. They hang in my closet, next to my clothes. I will often grab an outfit, pick out a statement piece and I’m out the door! It’s convenient and it keeps my aggravation level at an all time low – no more tangled necklaces!

Wayfair has a ton of great organization tips and tricks, as well as some fabulous storage options. Stop by and #getorganized today!

What are some tips and tricks on organizing your home? 

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  1. January 26, 2016 / 6:51 pm

    I love the bins you chose! So pretty. I love organization as well. I wish I was better at purging things though. That’s part of my goals for 2016b …getting rid of unused items that just clutter up my home and my life.

    • Kristine
      January 26, 2016 / 7:21 pm

      It feels so good to purge!