Five Ladies Who Define #GirlBoss

When I first started blogging, I had zero idea what I was doing. I had minimal knowledge of what it took to be a “blogger” and all I wanted to do was write and share my experiences with my family, friends and eventually the world. Over the past year and a half, not only have I learned about the science of blogging, but I’m learned about becoming my very own #girlboss. When I was an English teacher, I loved educating my students on subjects I truly loved. Over time, I realized blogging encompassed the same idea. I wanted to educate, to teach, to show the world the knowledge I had attained over the past 34 years of my life.

Love What you Do


Below, I list five ladies who are the definition of #girlboss. They each have a different story, a different background, a different experience. I love reading their tips, listening to their webinars, and learning about the tools one needs to create their own business.

Blog Society

This is one #blogsquad I want to be a part of! Blog Society aims to connect and inspire a growing community of innovative digital storytellers by sharing their expertise and enriching lives. They do so by offering fantastic online courses, meetups, and tutorials on everything related to blogging, social media, and marketing.

Melyssa Griffin

(formerly The Nectar Collective) When I first started blogging, I would often find myself gravitating towards Melyssa’s blog. I would participate in her weekly twitter chats, engage with some awesome bloggers and businesswomen, and learn more about the blogging world. Since then, I have taken what I have learned and applied it to my own blogs. Melyssa shares a ton of informative articles on her daily Twitter feed, and I often retweet or share with my followers. Her content is colorful and engaging and I’m always on the lookout for the latest blogging tips and tricks.

Rising Tide Society

Natalie and Krista truly believe in #communityovercompetition. They aim to empower and educate creatives, and by doing so, have created this positive community of creative people. They also started providing affordable educational courses for small business owners. With the money raised from these webinars, they were able to give $20,000 to charitable organizations! How amazing!? I signed up for their next RTSummit, which this weekend! I can’t wait!

Create + Cultivate

Jacklyn Johnson, a blogger, marketing, and social media superstar, wanted to create a conference where women gather to find themselves enlightened and inspired as a mix of speakers and workshop hosts talk about everything business related: social media, blogging, marketing, PR, event planning etc. Voila! Create + Cultivate was born. The conference has been called “the ultimate conference for girl bosses everywhere” and has been held in various U.S. cities. This year, the conference is in L.A. and I wish I didn’t live across the country, otherwise, I would have loved to attend. They also have a fantastic blog where they post articles on a variety of topics.


If you haven’t signed up for this daily newsletter yet, please click on the link and do so. Every morning I look forward to reading their latest “skimm” on the news. I hate reading the news, probably because of all the terrible things happening in the world, but The Skimm lightens the mood and makes me laugh at some of the ridiculous things going on in the world. Their newsletters are witty, light-hearted and funny as hell. My co-workers and I laugh out loud as we go back and forth commenting on our favorite tidbit from the daily email. These two ladies are girl bosses in their own right, and their story is a good one.


Do you have a favorite #girlboss? #bosslady? 

Leave your favs in the comments! 

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  • I really like Melissa as well! I SKIM when I can in the mornings, but I will definitely have to check these other ladies out! Thanks so much!

    • Kristine

      Anytime! Thanks for reading!

  • I have to check out oa few of these but I agree 100% with the ones I am familiar with. Melyssa is AMAZING!

    • Kristine

      They are so inspiring! Thanks for reading!

  • theSkimm is my favorite! TNC has some great stuff too! I’m not familiar with the others, so off to check them out 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Kristine

      So good! Thanks for reading!

  • Nancy

    I love theSkimm also, but by far, my favorite is South of Plum!!!

    • Kristine

      Thank you, Aunt Nancy! 🙂

  • Thank you for the shout out! Xo!