The Time I Made a Podcast

During the day, I work at a prominent Long Island law firm in their marketing department. I handle their social media accounts, I plan their dinners and events, and I perform various other marketing-related tasks. I love every aspect of my job. It’s interesting and intriguing and I’m always learning something new.

Like how to create a podcast. 

microphone podcast

When my director asked me to look into podcasting, I said, “No problem!” I’m all about learning something new and I was obsessed with Serial when it first came out. I thought she just wanted me to research the steps, sign up for a Soundcloud account, and poke around.

A week later, she asked how the research was going. I told her I learned how to upload a podcast to iTunes, what equipment one would need to create a podcast and how to promote it on a blog.

“Fantastic. Could you create one of your own, you know, to test it out?” she asked.

The look on my face probably said it all. I had to record an “episode” and actually upload it to the internet? For strangers to listen to? What was I going to say? How would I edit it? How would I sound?

Despite some reservations, I went into an empty office, closed the door and hit the record button. I read one of my posts that was featured on BlogHer recently. (So, this isn’t exactly a “podcast” per say, but it is my voice and my own content.) I uploaded some photos, created a profile, edited the recording and uploaded the final product to Soundcloud.

I played it back for myself (this is what I sound like on the reg?) I couldn’t believe I had actually recorded, edited and uploaded an episode of a “podcast”! I was self-taught; I did all the research, I spent hours of trial and error on the editing system, and I created the two-minute episode.

Listen to the first episode of the podcast here. Let me know what you think! I plan to continue on this journey and will hopefully have a podcast running by the end of the year. I am definitely not done learning all there is to know about creating a podcast.

(The podcast I produce is called the Business Divorce Roundtable. Click here to listen to the most recent episode!) 

  • That’s so cool you figured out how to do a podcast on your own! I’d love to eventually do a podcast too but it’s on the waaaaay down the road list of things to do haha.

    • Kristine

      It took a ton of research, but it was semi-cool to hear my raspy voice 🙂 I doubt I’ll continue (I,too, have a ton of other things I want to do), but I’m happy to have accomplished it.

  • So cool! I’ve always wanted to do a podcast! I used to host a radio show years ago and totally agree that it’s weird to hear your own voice! It sounds totally different!

    • Kristine

      It really does! Although when I told my girlfriends they all laughed because apparently that is how I sound daily 😉