Digital Detours: April 2016

I know, I know… it’s been a hot minute since I have written on this blog. I do apologize. But with the recent influx of warm weather, I’ve been spending way more time outside than inside.

And I’m ok with that. 

Check out what has been going on in my world, one digital detour at a time.


April was a very busy month for me. Between planning events and other social media marketing initiatives, I’ve been working non-stop on some awesome projects. I started working on a big project with one of our partners, and it essentially has me learning how to create a podcast. This is a world in which I know nothing about. Sure, I’ve listened to Serial the first season, and I’ll throw on a Barstool or Whine with Kelly episode from time to time, but I was not prepared for the amount of work that goes into creating one a podcast until I had to do one myself! Learning new editing and recording systems, designing an iTunes logo, you name it, I learned how to do it. And at the end of the day, I was extremely proud of myself for accomplishing a project that was out of my comfort zone, in terms of technical knowledge. Hey, you never know, this could be another avenue to go down one day.

My First Time…

at a book reading was with my best friend Melanie. She read online that our favorite high school English teacher, Mr. Frank Nappi, was debuting his new novel, Welcome to the Show: A Mickey Tussler Novel – Book 3, at a local bookstore. As a former English teacher, I nerd out over anything book related, especially when it relates to the man who helped inspire my love of English and literature. I have all of his previous novels, but I have never attended a book reading. Sitting there, listening to him read a passage out of his latest book, was surreal. I closed my eyes for a quick minute and went back to junior year of high school. I could vividly remember his voice, his enthusiasm and his love for all things literature. He speaks as well as he writes and I am beyond happy for him and all of his success!

Frank Nappi, English teacher and author

Fresh Air

April showers? Not in my neighborhood. When the temperature peeked over 50 degrees, the dogs and I quickly took to the neighborhood for a long walk. They have been cooped up all winter and we all needed some exercise and a good dose of Vitamin D.

East Meadow, Long Island, New York

Girls Night Out

Spontaneous. That is the one word to sum up our girls night out. Lynette and I took to the mean streets of Atlantic City for one day and one night of pure spontaneity. We booked a hotel room in March, but made no other plans. We knew we wanted to relax and truly enjoy ourselves. No timelines, no deadlines, no plans – just purely going with the flow. We went shopping, got massages, and even rocked out at the club at night. We danced and drank like we were 25 again. It was awesome. (Side note: I can totally rock out like the best of them, but I CANNOT recover like I used to.)

Atlantic City - Girls Night Out

I Heart Spring

Just when I needed a little extra push this month, I noticed this gorgeous tree on one of my neighborhood walks. It was so vibrant, so pretty, and I felt it slightly resembled a heart. Love is everywhere, even when you aren’t looking for it.

I Heart Spring - Long Island

Puppy Brothers

I mean… I can’t with these two. They rarely are sitting this nicely for more than a couple of minutes (unless it’s a lazy Sunday), so I had to capture their stoic expressions.

Puppy Brothers


What digital detours have you encountered this month?

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