For the times they are a-changin’…

*Throwback Thursday post: August 2014 from BWB*

My best friend Fran moved to Florida a couple of years ago and I don’t get to see her very often. We speak nearly every week on the phone and through FaceTime, but this past weekend she was home visiting her family. Lisa, my other best friend, and I had the chance to meet her for some breakfast at our hometown diner where many mornings were spent gossiping about the night before, or discussing future plans.

But this time around, something was different. There were two new additions to our table. And they were casually dropping blueberries on the floor, squirming in their seats, laughing, crying, smiling, drooling, spitting up…

They were children. My best friend’s children. My best friends have CHILDREN! Babies! Kids!

Boardwalk Summer 2014

8/25/14: Long Beach Boardwalk

The three of us (plus two little ones) sat down at the table and started to chat. But the conversation doesn’t continuously last for more than five minutes before being interrupted by, “Don’t throw blueberries on the floor,” or “Let me eat first and then I’ll feed you,” or “Peek-a-boo!” The waitress would cautiously pour coffee into our mugs, careful of the little fingers that tried to reach out. I watched as Fran cut up her pancake and shared it with her little girl, Rosalina. I watched as Lisa gently rocked little Frankie back and forth while feeding him his morning bottle.

For me, this was the most beautiful thing to watch. I watched two of my best friends, women who I have known my entire life, take care of these little munchkins. They were wiping their syrupy mouths or formula-caked cheeks. They were rocking them back and forth. They were running after them in the restaurant. My best friends are mommy’s, and fantastic ones at that. They are amazing to watch with their children and I’m proud to have such caring, nurturing friends in my life.

I started to think about how so much has changed over the years. It’s ok that the conversation wasn’t continuous. The conversation can and will continue when the children are fast asleep in the stroller or asleep in their crib. Maybe later that afternoon. Or maybe later that week.

Even though life has changed, and for the better, our friendship has not. Along with our other best friend, Jamie, the four of us continue to care, love and respect one another. We know that life can get a little crazy, and we could go a week or two without a phone call, but in the end, we will always be best friends.

Megan Johnson from, Write Meg, wrote a fantastic post entitled“What We Talk About in Our Twenties,” Megan writes about change and has a very similar message to my above post.

“We can’t all get together without mentioning how “things have changed,” often jokingly and innocently . . . because they have. Change is everywhere. It fills the cracks of every conversation.. Things change. Things stay the same. And when we talk, we make the words matter.”


July 2008: Hampton’s for Fran’s Bachelorette! (from left to right: Jamie, Lisa, Kristine (me) and Fran)


November 2010: Jamie moves to Chicago