5 Reasons Why Morning Workouts Are the Best!

Over the past couple of months, I have been making serious changes to my diet and workout routines. I took up weekly Soul-Cycle classes, nabbed an excellent personal trainer who I see once a week, stepped up my hot yoga game and I go on weekly walk/runs with my dogs. My diet has changed and I am learning every day how to eat. It’s been a hard yet rewarding process and I’ve seen excellent results thus far.

My biggest struggle is the morning workouts. I am a morning person. Once I’m up, I’m UP. But when your pups are nuzzled in the blankets and the house is quiet, it’s hard to jump-start the day. Especially when you know you could totally roll over and sleep for another hour before leaving for work.

There have been successful mornings where I wake up, head off to a 6am Soul-Cycle class or to the gym. But those mornings have been far and few between. My trainer and I used to workout on Saturday mornings at 7am. At first, I was like, “ugh, who wants to wake up on a SATURDAY at 6:30am to go workout?” But once we started this weekly routine, I noticed how different my day turned out. I was done with my workout by 8am. (Now, I sign up for early Soul-Cycle classes on my own!)


I have the rest of the day to do what I want to do. Shop, lounge, nap, go to the beach, hang with friends, etc. I feel better about myself because I worked out in the morning.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know that. I’ve been trying my hardest to get up and get into a morning workout routine. I work out four to five times a week now, with just two morning classes. I’d love to swap out another night for a morning.

Below, I listed some reasons why I think morning workouts rock. I will do my best to repeat these reasons to myself when my alarm goes off on a Thursday morning at 5:15am.

Five Reasons Why Morning Workouts Are the Best

Your workout is over before the day has even begun.

Who wants to workout AFTER a long day at work? I know I certainly don’t. Those excuses start around 4pm and once I get home and  plop down on the couch, it’s over. Chances of me going to the gym are slim to none. If you workout in the morning, it’s DONE! Hooray! No more dreading the after work workout.

You start your day out on a positive note.

You made the choice to get up and work out. You can’t beat making a positive choice first thing in the morning. When I work out in the morning, I feel that my attitude is different. I’m not knocking afternoon workouts at all, sometimes it’s nice to release the stress of the day in the gym, but setting the tone for the day is important.

If you workout in the morning, you are more likely to make better decisions throughout the day.

And by decisions I mean, Should I have a grilled chicken salad or Shake Shack? Nutrition and diet are everything, especially if you are looking to lose weight. Believe me, I’ve learned that lesson the hard way. Working out in the morning sets the tone for your entire day. Knowing that you just sweat out 700+ calories will make your meal choices a bit easier.

You will be focused and have better productivity.

Morning workouts increase focus and productivity. After my Saturday morning workouts, I get more accomplished before noon than I would’ve if I didn’t start my morning with a sweat. With my increased energy levels, I tackle my list of things to do, and by noon, I’m done. It’s a great feeling, especially on the weekends.

You avoid a crowded gym.

I like to avoid the gym at all costs. I would rather run outside with the dog, or do a great track workout with my trainer. But sometimes when the weather is not so nice, I’ll opt for the gym routine. But what I have noticed is that there aren’t too many early birds who frequent the gym. My gym opens up at 5:30am. There is probably about 20 people max. working out at the time. By 6pm at night, the gym is packed, it’s hard to grab a machine, and even harder to concentrate.

*Side note: I am only certified to convey my thoughts and feelings on the subject. Take it as you will 🙂

**This post is originally from my old blog, Breakfast with Bentley. It has been since been featured on BlogHer.**

  • I love this! And working out in the morning. If I put if off until the evening, it just doesn’t happen.

    • Kristine

      Thank you!! I’m the same. I’ve been trying to push myself lately!

    • Thanks! I know – I come home and immediately want the couch!

  • I so agree with you. There are a few times when I’m half way through the workout before I’m fully awake but I feel so good after I am done.

  • I agree with you, I have to exercise in the morning! If I decide to work out at any other time of day I feel less motivated haha.

    Great post 🙂

    Kelsey x

    • Kristine

      Thanks for reading! I know – by the time I get home, I’m like … Nope. Lol

    • My comment never went through 🙁 Thanks for reading!