When did we stop living in the moment?

Disconnect from Social Media

With all the tragedy that has gone on in this world, especially in the past couple of weeks, it’s hard not to stop and think about how we spend our moments in time.

I’ve noticed a trend the last couple of times I’ve gone to dinner with friends. There are a select few who tend to take out their cell phones and leave it on the table. Halfway through the dinner,  you will see one or two people aimlessly scrolling, or texting furiously. They become disconnected from the moment and the conversation. You may ask them a question, and they stare at you, unaware of what is going on at the table.

When did we stop living in the moment?

I think to myself, what is so important in that moment, that you cannot put your phone down? There are emergencies, of course, but other than that, why should your phone be out at all? Did you not tell the person on the other end that you are at dinner with a group of friends or family?

Is it ok to be busy? Unavailable?

Is it ok to NOT answer someone back immediately because you are occupied?

We live in a society of NOW.

Answer the text NOW, send me a photo NOW, call me back NOW. Everything is instant; in a flash you can see a picture from your friend’s trip to Fiji, hear & see your niece’s laugh on the other end of Facetime call, and watch your favorite celeb doing normal things on Snapchat. As wonderful as these luxuries are, they also inhibit us from enjoying our surroundings.

When we were growing up, we didn’t have all these luxuries; we had to actually have a conversation with one another over a slice of pizza. When we wanted to see the photos from last weekend’s party, we had to physically drop off the photo album. When we went to a concert, we actually watched the entire concert through our eyes, not through our camera phones.

Be present

Let’s be honest, all my friends know that I am a huge proponent of social media; I often use the check-in feature on Facebook while dining at a new restaurant, tweet a photo of a delicious drink, or even snap a picture of the pretty view from the table and post it on Snapchat. But as my love and knowledge of social media has grown, I’ve realized that we, as a society, are more attached to our phones than we are to the moments in life.

How do we disconnect?

Leave your phone in the other room, in your bag, in your car. When was the last time you shut your phone off completely?

Take photos of special times, but wait to post them.

Don’t let others interrupt your moments, however big or small the moments they may be.

Enjoy the love and happiness that surrounds you, soak in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air.

Some of the best memories are undocumented.

Find it Live It

How do you disconnect? 

  • So, so true. I kinda hate that we live in such an “everything has to get done and it better be finished now” type of society. It’s hard to be able to enjoy and to live in the moment, but being able to step back and enjoy and be present definitely makes such a difference in being able to enjoy life more!

    Love this post! <3!

  • So true. For all the pros about technoloy, I think a major con is that it’s hurt the way we connect with one another. I don’t see it improving any time soon (and just getting worse).