Five Ways to Disconnect From an Overly Connected Society

These days, our lives are centered around our phones & computers. As an overly connected society, we are constantly on social media, responding to emails, checking the news, doing research, etc. I am a huge social media buff – I’m on it all day for work and with three blogs and an Etsy shop, I’m constantly connected to my laptop and iPhone at home.

Disconnect from society

Recently, I have decided that I can’t spend my life staring at the computer screen. I’ve been cognizant of the hours I’ve put in, and realized, I need a break, if nothing but to recharge my brain, take a breath and relax. “Disconnecting” from life has been high up on my priority list as of late, and it’s nice to get lost in a world that is not so familiar. I love opening up a fresh book, testing out a new recipe, or just simply hanging out in the backyard with my dogs. My mind has been on overdrive and I look forward to winding down with some non-social media activities. I have been trying to get outside more often, leave my phone home (or off), and get back to things that I really enjoy doing (before life got in the way).

No snaps. No tweets. No ‘grams. No updates. Just me and the ways I disconnect. 

Create a crafty project.

Pinterest is one of my guilty pleasures; I’m always pinning fun, crafty projects for the house. I wouldn’t say I’m a Martha Stewart, but I know how to work a glue gun. I actually started my Etsy business based off of a craft project! Working with my hands, focusing on a creative task, rather than my computer, resets my brain to think in a different way. It’s a mental workout, one which your brain should partake in often.

Read a book and disconnect

Pick up a book.

There is something about reading that relaxes my mind and soul. I’ve loved to read ever since I was little; I used to finish a book within days. My parents always reminded me, “Make sure you are actually reading the book, digesting what the author has to say, and don’t go rushing through them!” These words have stuck with me throughout the years. When I start a new book, I become invested in it and it takes over my thoughts. I am no longer am thinking about the day’s troubles; instead, I’m thinking about what is going to happen in the next chapter. As a former English teacher, I have a ton of classics and new novels that were collecting dust on my bookshelves because I couldn’t find the time. But now, I am stealing moments on a daily basis to read a chapter here and there.


Find an exercise you enjoy.

Who likes to work out? Raise your hand… oh ok, no one? That’s what I thought. But did you know that by working out for just an hour could turn that frown upside down? You can’t find that fact in any books or on any social media outlet. But you can find it in your own backyard. Leave the phone at home and go find an exercise you actually enjoy. Whether it’s one hour of hot yoga or 45 minutes spinning at Soul Cycle or a two-mile walk with the dogs around the neighborhood, these are moments where I am doing something for me. There are no phones or tweets or likes to worry about. I’m not mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. I’m focusing on bettering my health and my mind. Since I started to work out on a regular basis, I’ve noticed that I am more motivated than ever to excel at all of my life’s endeavors.

Organize a room in your house.

Do you have a room that is full of clutter? Are you always planning to tackle it, but other things get in the way? This happens to me often; I’ll start piling our bills on my desk in my office and say to myself, “I’ll file them tomorrow,” and tomorrow comes and they are still there. Why not lock yourself in your office or bedroom. turn on the radio and tackle the organization projects you have been putting off for so long. When you are finished, you will have a clean and organized room and one more thing checked off your to-do list!

Gather your friends for a BBQ (and ditch the phones!)

The weekends are great for disconnecting from technology; gather a group of your friends, a couple bottles of wine, maybe a board game or two, and connect with one another, sans phones. During the summer, we love to invite our friends over for some beers, BBQ and banter around the firepit. It’s nice to be in the moment and reconnect with people we don’t see every day. Some of my favorite times are around the firepit, telling stories, laughing until our stomach hurts, and enjoying each other’s company.

Do you ever “disconnect”?

If so, how do you unplug after work? 


  1. August 26, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    Whenever I pick up a book, I always leave my computer in the other room and tell myself NOT to get on my phone. So nice to just get lost in reading and not think about anything else!

    • October 27, 2016 / 10:06 am

      Damn Disqus.. just seeing this comment now! It really is nice to get lost in a book.. I’ve been doing it more and more often lately.