Pull Your Weight: Lower Body Exercises


My previous post discusses some great upper body pulling exercises, great for getting those toned, summer arms. But we can’t forget about our lower body!

Many people might assume that only cardio exercise like running will help to develop tone and strength in your lower body—but they’d be wrong. In fact, weight-bearing exercises are underused ways to build a path to the strongest lower body you can help build. They key is to focus on what the weight is doing—pulling, you down, with you pulling it back up, as well as pushing the weight away and then back.

Because we sit a lot throughout the day, we tend to neglect the muscles at the backs of our bodies, which leads to poor movement patterns. Lower body pulling exercises help to remedy this, and they’re not all that complicated or unfamiliar. For example, there’s the upright row, completed with dumbbells. There’s also a riff on that exercise, but bent over and done with a barbell.

Want to build your lower body? Use this graphic to try an interesting yet uncomplicated routine.


Graphic Courtesy of www.fix.com


  • These are great! Ever since I had my son I have a hard time firming up my back – right around my bra strap. Even though I work out regularly I just can’t get that area tone again! Will these exercises help with that?

    • Thanks! Fix.com has a ton of helpful articles! I am not a personal trainer (just aspiring to have a body like Gigi), but I’d like to think any of these exercises will help with that!