A Room with a View

May 4th, 2013.

The best day of my life.

Yes, you guessed it.

It was my wedding day.

When I close my eyes and think of that day, my heart fills with love. From the moment I woke up, until the moment I finally fell asleep… there was nothing but love and happiness.

The moment when I truly felt the love was the moment my husband and I were introduced at the reception.

Sand Castle Franklin Square NY

Our venue had a revolving dais; one side was our table and chairs, and the other side there was a screen and stage. We were kept hidden behind a wall in a bride & groom suite. The venue had cameras everywhere, and as we sat on the couch in the suite, we could see as everyone filtering into the main room. Some people were dancing as they walked in with their cocktails, some people were hand-in-hand with their loved ones. No one knew we could see them and no one really knew where we had disappeared to. It was a great moment between us; our first quiet moment since the limo ride. It was just the two of us and the moment was unforgettable.

Once our guests were seated, we could hear the music start to elevate. Our DJ, a friend of mine since middle school, was already revving up the crowd. We watched as the DJ introduced our bridal party. Each couple had prepared a different ‘skit/dance’ upon entering the room and it was great to see them so excited to be a part of our big day.

The time had come for us to get on the stage. We were properly positioned, holding hands and bouncing to the beat of the music. We heard our entrance song, Danza Kudro, and we instantly smiled at each other. The stage started to turn.

Sand Castle Dais

As the stage turned into the room, I saw a sea of faces: friends, family, and co-workers, clapping, smiling, laughing and dancing. My husband and I love to dance, and we rocked out as the stage turned towards the crowd.

Sandcastle Long Island NY

After our first dance (which was incredible), we sat on the dais. We had a moment before the speeches were to start, and I remember sitting there and taking it all in. I watched our 250+ guests as they started to eat their salads, refresh their drinks and start conversations with others at their table.  I was overwhelmed with the love and happiness that filled this room. The view took my breath away.

The night continued on. My husband and I barely sat down to eat dinner, we were having so much fun. At the end of the night, as we hugged and kissed our guests goodbye, we realized how blessed we are to have such amazing people in our lives.

We would take that room, with that view any day of the week.