Digital Detours: August 2016

I know, I know… it’s already OCTOBER (I heard on the radio there are only 73 days until Christmas… whaaaat!) and I totally forgot to post my monthly Digital Detour post. We have had a lot going on in the month of September/October (more on that another time), and I just have been dragging my feet.

August was full of beach days & BBQ’s with friends and family, and one last Sunday Funday at Minnesota’s in Long Beach. It was the perfect ending to another fantastic summer.

Long Beach, New York

A Day at the Beach. No husbands. No kids. Just a bunch of friends on the beach, soaking in the rays and enjoying a mimosa or two.┬áThe photos don’t do the day justice.

Beach Daze

Some fun with Karen’s underwater camera…

Underwater Camera Long Beach NY

Long Beach Sunsets

I love a good sunset, but Long Beach always has some of the most spectacular ones. I’m rarely down there to catch them, but after a perfect beach day came a perfect sunset. It was a great ending to a day full of laughter with great friends.

Long Beach Sunset

Summer BBQ’s

BBQin’ with friends is one of my favorite summer activities and I’m so glad we had the chance to do so this year. I love a good hot dog, some macaroni salad and the company of good friends.

Summer BBQ

Family Time

My niece, Harper, is growing up before my very eyes! This summer, we had a girls day at the beach. My sister-in-law, my mother and I took her to the cabana at Nickerson Beach. I watched as she played in the sand, splashed in the pool and giggled all day long.

My niece at the beach

We had dinner at their house one night and my husband bought Harper a toy farm and she absolutely loved it! I loved watching them play together; he is so good with kids.

Playing with Harper

Long Beach Boardwalk

When I lived down in Long Beach, I used to spend every day cruisin’ the boardwalk on my bike. This month, I treated myself to a mental health day and walked the entire boardwalk with Gina. It was such a great day and I enjoyed this beautiful piece of artwork which can be found outside Riptides 11561.

Long Beach Boardwalk

One More Song

I recently wrote about my time spent working at Minnesota’s in Long Beach. After I hit publish, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who shared some great memories at this place. I was lucky enough to enjoy one last Sunday Funday (as we know it) at Minnesota’s with Gina and Diane. We were only going for a couple of drinks and ended up staying late into the evening. We danced, we drank, we laughed and we ordered way too much food on the way home. It was just like old times. Although it’s just a change in ownership, the vibe will definitely be a little bit different, the staff may change, but we will always have our memories at this place we once called home.

Minnesota's Long Beach


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