Why You Should Jump on the Snapchat Train

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When I first heard about this new social media app, I was teaching high school children. They showed me how to use it, they were obsessed with “snapping” pictures to one another with funny captions and graphics. Those photos would then disappear within a couple of seconds, never to be seen again. If you were to screenshot the photo, the person would know. I felt this was semi-dangerous, especially for children, but I smiled, exclaimed, “How cool!” and went on with my lesson plans. At that time, I was still into Facebook and Instagram, toying around with Twitter and didn’t feel that I needed another social media app on my phone.

One career change, two blogs and three years later, I took a sip of the Snapchat juice. I signed up on a whim; some girlfriends of mine were chatting about it and since my new career was all about social media channels, I decided to jump on board. I followed a bunch of celebs, some of my friends (who were already “snappers”), and some of my favorite bloggers. I found myself checking my Snapchat before any other social media channel.

What happened to the other networks?

Facebook has since become diluted with 30-second recipe videos and articles from fake websites. Since they keep changing their algorithms, I barely see any updates, let alone photos, and it has now become the last social media channel to check. Instagram changed their algorithms; you can’t see your photos in chronological order.
Twitter is still one of my favorites, solely because I love to interact with other bloggers all over the world. They have changed their algorithms recently too, but I still have a love for Twitter.

Why do people love Snapchat?

Snapchat has risen on the social media scale and many brands and businesses are turning to this not-so-new social app to market their products. The real-time photos/videos appeal to users; you cannot take a photo and use it as a “snap” later. Every photo and video are in real time.

You can add face filters, time and location stamps, weather filters, geotags, and personal captions. The user can use colors, emojis, and other fun filters to make their snaps their own. The user can also see who has viewed their snaps if they added them to “My Story”. They can also comment on their friends’ snaps via the chat function or send their friends’ private snaps.

Although Snapchat was hard to navigate in the beginning, I eventually got the hang of it. I don’t “snap” half as much as the celebs do, but when I do, my snaps consist of my dogs, throwback tunes, and my dogs.

Are you on Snapchat? What do you love or hate about it? Leave your response in the comments! 

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  • Great breakdown of snapchat! I was the same way at first and managing another social media platform just seemed exhausting. I still don’t really use snapchat as much as I could for my blog and tend to keep it more personal. I think because it’s so instant that sharing things or places where I’m at with my kids makes me a little hesitant. Beautifully Candid

    • Kristine

      I think it’s great for brands; I follow a ton of celebs and it’s fun to watch their behind the scenes activities. I mostly snap pictures of my dogs. Or throwback songs. haha

    • I agree; I snap my dogs and some throwback songs… but rarely anything blog related.