Digital Detours: October 2016

This fall has been a bit crazy and I am behind on my monthly Digital Detour posts. The reason I love these posts so much is that I get to reflect on the past month, revisit memories, and remind myself that life is pretty good if you stop and enjoy it once in awhile.

Lunchtime with Bentley

I am fortunate enough to be able to go home for my lunch hour every single day. I enjoy this quiet time spent with Bentley (and Lambo – although he is usually occupied by one of his many chew toys) and we often sit and catch up on a show or two.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday’s are meant to be lazy, ammirite? I’m not going to lie; I tend to run all of my errands on Saturday so I will have all of Sunday to do nothing. This particular Sunday was exactly what the doctor ordered: lots of couch time + hanging with the dogs.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper! 

My beautiful niece, Harper Rae, turned two years old this October. She is so adorable; always running around, sharing all of her toys and asking me to play in her teepee with her. She calls me, “Aunt Kiss”, and that is alright with me. Love her to pieces and love watching her grow!

My Dad’s First Snapchat

My Dad is pretty hip; he has his own Facebook, although he mostly just shares, “My Daughter is the Best. Share if you agree!” type of posts. But nevertheless, I showed my Dad how to use Snapchat briefly at Harper’s 2nd Birthday Party and he couldn’t stop laughing. I felt this snap below was one of our best.

Welcome to the World, Alexa! 

My best friend Lisa welcomed her second child, Alexa Louise, into the world this month. I can’t believe my best friend has not one, but two children! She is such a good mom and I’m so proud of her.


Fall Foliage

October has come to an end but not before I take a couple of pretty fall foliage photos. The leaves were striking this year; bright and vibrant. I loved walking around my neighborhood amidst all these beautiful colors. Makes me sad to see Fall go.