Saturdays are for the Boys: My Favorite Barstool Sports Gift Ideas

As I was trying to put together a gift guide for the men for this holiday season, I realized that I do most of my online shopping at one particular online store: Barstool Sports.

If you never heard of the website, now you have. It’s the sports blog your husband, brother, fiance, friend was talking about the other day. It’s that damn saying (#SATURDAYSAREFORTHEBOYS) that can be heard ringing through your house every Saturday morning. It’s the podcast about the latest in sports (or current events or fatherhood) that your significant other is listening to on the train to and from work. These guys are witty, charming, and smart and I believe that is the recipe for their success.

My husband introduced me to Barstool Sports in 2011. He is a huge fan of these guys; they blog about everything from sports to celebs to hot girls and they have some of the best podcasts around. I even started listening to a couple of them and quickly realized why my husband loves them so much: they are relatable. I follow most of them on Twitter now and I find myself laughing out loud at some of their tweets during various award shows or about a trending topic.

I have been buying t-shirts and sweatshirts from them ever since our first Christmas together. It’s my first stop when shopping for my husband or brother; they have a shirt for all types of sports fans. (My husband is a huge Rangers/Giants/Knicks/Yankees fan… my brother, a Patriots fan.) The shirts are funny and my husband has quite the collection now. They are always coming out with different shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. They even have apparel for women and kids.

If you are looking for me on Friday morning, I’ll be on the Barstool Sports store website, stocking up because #MondaysThroughFridaysAreForTheGirls. (And because I heard the word on the street is that the entire store is 20% off on Black Friday!)

Some of my favorite items this year:






Don’t forget, the entire site is 20% on Black Friday. Let’s goooooo!