20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Waiting on the Return Line

Last week, I purchased a couple of things online, and, after receiving them, decided very quickly that they needed to be returned.

Ahhh, the joys of online shopping. 

The store is only a couple of miles from my house, and I know the return line is usually HELL, so I left my house early to get this errand done.

As expected, I arrive at the Return & Exchange section at the back of the store and there are 10 people in front of me. I noticed two things.

They are not moving.

They are looking very annoyed.

I tried to stay optimistic and asked myself, how long could this really take?

  1. I thought I’d never get here… alright… to the back of the store I go! Let’s return this sh*t!
  2. Line looks pretty long. It’s only 11 am. Do people work anymore?
  3. 10 people ahead of me… 3 cashiers… this won’t be too bad.
  4. Uh, the guy on the right register hasn’t moved at all.
  5. What the hell is that lady at the register doing? I thought this was the return line?
  6. This line has not moved one inch. patience
  7. What is the lady in front of me doing? WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE, STOP TRYING TO SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING.
  8. Oh great, those people behind me are screwed.
  9. Alright, are we moving or nah?
  10. That guy at the right register looks like he has been there for at least half hour.
  11. Why are there only three people helping this long line?!
  12. I’ve definitely been standing here for half an hour.
  13. Do I need any birthday cards? Easter cards? HM… let me peruse as I’m standing here…
  14. Alright, I’m next…
  15. Why does this always happen to me? I am next in line and the lady goes on a break?! I may lose my mind.Are you Kidding Me?
  17. How am I today? I would be a lot better if I wasn’t standing on this line for 40 minutes.
  18. Why am I returning these pieces of clothing? Uh, I don’t know, because I don’t want them!
  20. Never. Again.

What are some of your thoughts when waiting in a ridiculously long line?

Share in the comments! 

  • These are my exact thoughts during Black Friday shopping–thankfully, this year I finally jumped on board with online shopping! Good for you for enduring this painful errand, I have a tendency of pushing it off so long and then the return policy deadline expires. Whoops!

    Lexi of Lex Be Livin’

    • Online shopping is the way to go! I barely stepped foot into a store this Christmas season!

  • Lauren Fonvielle

    lol! This is all so true. I read somewhere that in our lifetime we spend on average 5 years waiting in line! And this is why I carry my kindle with me! At least I can read while waiting 🙂