Five Tips for Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning. Most brides sigh when they hear these two words. Some brides will exclaim, “I absolutely LOVED planning my wedding!” and some will say, “Ugh, I can’t wait until the planning part is over.”

Regardless of which bride you are or want to be, take these five tips into consideration if you are beginning the wedding planning process.



Money talk.

Regardless if you and your fiancé are footing the bill, or if you are getting a little help from your family, this is the first thing that should be discussed. You should create a budget and then start looking at reception places, photographer, etc. otherwise you are just setting unrealistic expectations. Wedding planning can get EXPENSIVE, so make sure you know exactly how much you have to spend before you empty your bank account or hike up your credit card bills.

Do your research.

Make sure that you shop around when it comes to reception halls, photographers, music, florists, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc.  Don’t be afraid to check out recommendations from friends/family. These usually come with a discount of some sort down the line. If someone else was pleased with their work, odds are you will be too.

Don’t settle.

Try not to let others opinions or thoughts get in the way of your dream wedding. If you want something, try and see how you can make that a possibility. Maybe you will have to have some DIY projects in order to get something you really want, like a photo booth, a cigar rolling station, or a Viennese hour. Don’t settle for any type of vendor just because someone else used them. Make sure you check online reviews, recommendations, etc. before agreeing to any terms. You want to get a good feeling from all these people that you will be working with. They will be a big part of the planning process. (Side note: If you were pleased with your vendors, don’t forget to send them a thank you card!)

Stay calm.

Often times, planning can get overwhelming. People always have something to say, and what they don’t know is that you already have everything handled. If you stay organized, there is little room for mistakes. If you hire reputable vendors, they will show and deliver. Check out the ways I stayed calm before my big day here.


Have fun!

You are planning the most important day of your life. Don’t forget to have fun during the process! Sometimes you and your fiancé won’t see eye to eye, but it’s important to remember that this day is all about the two of you. Don’t let others get in the way of your happiness. Make sure everything is the way both of you envisioned. If you aren’t happy with something, change it. This is the best day of your life and one you will never forget.

What tips would you give to future brides?