My Promise To You

When I moved my lifestyle blog from Breakfast with Bentley to South of Plum, I was thinking of a fresh start. New ideas, new direction, new focus.

I wasn’t quite sure the direction it would take. Unfortunately, this was a rough year for me mentally, emotionally and physically. My focus faltered, my ideas ran stale and my inspiration went flat.

Instead of churning out daily content, I produced a post every week or two. I turned to some of my favorite bloggers to read what they were working on. But I started to notice a shift in some of my favs. I came to read, to escape for a bit, and some of these blogs were just looking to sell me something.

An e-course. A piece of clothing. A company that I never heard of before. A dream job. 

Feeling “tricked” and deflated, I started to shrink away from the blogging world. I focused on my Etsy shop and concentrated on what was going on with me behind the scenes.

But with the new year and some promising months ahead, here is my promise to you.

Here is my promise to you, my readers, my friends, my inspirations… 

I promise to write more content when I’m feeling inspired.

I promise to share my experiences, my stories, and my tales.

I promise to be funny (well, that’s up to your interpretations), and light-hearted.

I promise to partner with brands that I believe in, of products I actually use (or have dreamed of using!).

I promise not to sell you on anything, but instead, for you to make your own decision whether or not you want to buy that product.

I promise to comment on the blogs that make me laugh and cry; that make me realize why I became a blogger in the first place.

I promise to share other content of those who inspire me. Who make me laugh. Who I feel connected with.

I promise to share a little piece of me with every blog post.

Cheers to a brand new year! 

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  1. January 12, 2017 / 9:40 am

    LOVE this! And I could not agree with you more. I’ve really been noticing this shift lately as well and I really miss what blogging used to be – about the connection, not the product. Good for you! Can’t wait to read more!