Snapchat and Small Business: Three Ways to Promote Your Brand

As previously discussed, Snapchat is all the rage right now. Big brands are jumping on this social media train and riding it all the way to the bank. Real-time photos and videos make for a steady stream of fresh content. It is the most popular social media network among teens.

How can your small business utilize Snapchat to gain potential customers and expand their following on social media?

Snapchat and Small Business- Three Ways to Promote Your Brand
Snap “Behind the Scenes” Photos/Videos.

When you start posting videos and photos on Snapchat that give the follower a look inside, you instantly become relatable to consumers. They see that your company has real people working behind the scenes. Bloglovin’, one of my favorite websites, does a great job showing what a typical day in the life of an employee, a blogger, or an executive entails. Within a 24-hour span of time, I can see what happens behind the scenes. They include shots of their new office, employees, style and travel shoots and even have some of their favorite bloggers take over!

Promote New Products.

Did you create a new product or service recently? Why not showcase it on Snapchat! When Kylie Jenner showcases her newest lip kit colors, they sell out within minutes. She gives a sneak peek by trying the lip glosses on her skin to show her followers exactly what the color looks like. When Soul Cycle has new merchandise, they make sure to let their Snapchat followers know by snapping all the latest gear found in their store. (Most of their instructors have personal Snapchats where they also promote the latest store merchandise and classes.)

Use Geofilters for your brand/event.

Create your own Snapchat filter for your small business or brand! When you create a geofilter, you can spread your message to a mix of customers quickly. You pick dates and times that work for you, as well as the geofence (location). Soul Cycle does a great job with connecting with their Snapchat audience. Each studio has their own geofilter and riders can easily snap a photo, add the filter and share it with their audience. If you are hosting a grand opening or another type of big event, create a filter, submit it and set the date for a month or so before to create a buzz within your community. You can then submit a second filter for the day of the event and ask customers to snap a picture using the filter.

Snapchat has grown to become a strong social media tool for small businesses and brands alike. Take advantage of this (mostly) free source of marketing and showcase your business.