Wedding Planning 101: Photo Booth

My husband and I were together a full year and a month before he popped the question. We went to many weddings together and when it came down to planning our own, we pretty much had an idea of how we wanted our wedding to turn out. We wanted good music, amazing food and all of our family/friends in attendance.

Oh yeah… and one other thing.

We had to have a Photobooth.


JJ Me Photobooth


Some may say, “Wow, what a waste of money!” or “I don’t want my guests to be in that booth the entire party.”

Honestly… it was the best money spent.

The photo booth company, The Modern Photobooth, produces high-quality photos. They have a ton of packages to choose from, which included: props, custom logo on all photos, guest book, iPad email station, unlimited prints (and if 10 people were in the booth, they will print out 10 pictures plus one for the album), stop-motion link video, etc.

But the best part: this particular photo booth could hold up to 20 people! 20 people!? (We definitely came close, as you will see in the video below.) Since we had a rather large wedding, we knew that the larger the photo booth, the more people would want to jump in and enjoy it! And it was guest driven: they had control of the small remote and they took as many photos as they wanted to!


It was a HUGE hit! Everyone wanted to get in the booth: from our grandmothers to our parents, to our friends and even the photo booth attendant!  All the props were used – even the frames I brought from home. Our guests took over 600 photos and at the end of the night, the company handed us a great guest book photo album with memories & messages from all of our guests.

My husband and I were in tears from laughing so hard at all of these photos. The company also sent us the video below and ALL of the 600 photos the next day! They also sent us a CD with all of the high-res photos!

It was so great to see how many people enjoyed one of our wedding splurges.


    • February 9, 2017 / 9:16 am

      They are so much fun!

  1. Lauren Fonvielle
    February 9, 2017 / 1:28 pm

    I totally wish I’d had a photo booth at our wedding! But, I don’t think anyone was doing that back then! lol.