Wedding Planning 101: Wedding Programs

Wedding Church Programs

When it came to our wedding programs, I did not want anything fancy. I wanted something super simple.

Let’s be honest: no one keeps the wedding programs. They get tossed in the garbage on the way out, or thrown in the back of the car only to be forgotten about. We were quoted some steep prices for our programs, and I just couldn’t see spending all that money on something that people would throw away. Yes, would they look gorgeous if someone else produced them; of course. But with the money I saved on programs, we were about to give our bridal party a couple of more tokens of our appreciation.

After discussing it with my fiance, I decided to do-it-myself (with the help of my super creative and artistic bridesmaid, Gina). We searched online for a simple template that was easy to replicate. She showed me how to set everything up and I was off on my own, creating my own programs.

First, I saved the template to my computer, adding in the names of our wedding party, the readings, the hymns and any other pertinent information. Then, I printed one copy of the program on my printer and then took a trip to Staples. I purchased a package of cardstock (for the cover) and brought everything over to the Staples copy center where they printed my programs.

The next step was the assembly stage. I folded the cover and inside pages, punched two holes and added some pretty purple ribbon to tie it all together. I loved the way they came out and they cost me less than $50 to make. I was proud of myself that I accomplished another great DIY project.

Wedding Programs

Here are some great wedding program templates I found online:

  • I love this one from the Budget Savvy Bride! This is similar to what I did (only fancier!) and looks easy to assemble!
  • If I was getting married in the summer, I would definitely try to create these great wedding program paddles from Sweet Violet Bride.
  • You can’t go wrong with anything Martha Stewart Weddings creates and this program was no exception.
  • The Wedding Chicks always have the best ideas, and this program is simply gorgeous!

Did you make your own wedding programs or did you hire someone to do it?