Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

With a baby on the way, my husband and I went into serious spring cleaning mode this year. We took a good, hard look at our space and thought about how we could make it more kid-friendly and overall a better fit for our soon-to-be new lifestyle.

We started with the paint. We gave our living room, dining room, and hallway a fresh coat of light gray paint. It completely transformed the space. We moved some bulky furniture to the basement and bought a new dining room table, living room set, and television console. It started to feel like a brand new home before our very eyes.

We have been to HomeGoods more times than I’d like to admit and have come away from that store with some great, versatile pieces. As a fan of Fixer Upper, I went onto the Magnolia Market website and ordered these great hanging sheet metal vase decor items and they fit in perfectly with the rest of our aesthetic.

Now it’s time to finish decorating the shelves, walls, and countertops. I do like to reuse some of my older home decorative pieces and have found these five ways super helpful when giving my house a fresh look.

Change out old photos.

Every time I go to Target, Kohl’s or HomeGoods, I always pick up a frame or two. Whether I chose to keep them or give them as a gift to a friend or family member, I have collected many frames over the years. I won’t display all my frames at one time, I usually rotate them, depending on the other pieces I have already in the room. But I always try and update the pictures. I try and display the most current photos in these frames, or at least pictures from the major events of the year. When you update the photos in the frames, this will update the decor.

Rotate decorative accessories.

Most of the time, your decorative pieces can be used anywhere. For example, I bought this great vase at Pier One, with beautiful, white flowers. This vase has moved from the living room to the shelving unit in my hallway to my desk in my office. It is a versatile piece and I love that I can use it in different rooms.


Get creative! This is your time to shine! Go on Pinterest and look for some great do-it-yourself projects that will save money and make your home look great.


Sometimes, less is more. I’ve noticed that in order to change things up, I had to take some decorative pieces and place them into a storage box in the basement. The front table does not need to have 10 different pieces on it.

When all else fails… start fresh.

Who doesn’t love to go shopping!?! After a couple of years, start fresh. Take a paint brush to the room. Donate old decorative pieces. Hit up the stores for something new.

Do you spruce up your home every spring? How?