The Most Ridiculous Questions I Have Googled While Pregnant: Part One

My previous post dipped into a humorous situation where I went from fully thinking I would need major surgery to realizing I just need to go shopping for maternity clothes.

Over the past 23 weeks, I have fully trusted Google in an attempt to find some clarity amongst the madness that is pregnancy. Although the majority of my questions are food related, the answers to many of these were hilarious. Here are a sampling of the questions I had asked my trusty search engine, along with my conclusions to these questions.


How long does morning sickness last?

For me, about two minutes every morning for the first trimester. But then again, I am not quite sure if it was truly morning sickness or a result of a thyroid medication I was told to take on an empty stomach.

Can you eat goat cheese, gorgonzola cheese or feta cheese while pregnant?

If the cheese is soft, stay away. Unless it’s pasteurized. Then it’s ok. In small quantities. But you’d have to ask the waiter, cause a big scene and ultimately decide if it was worth it. Which it probably isn’t. Stick to the hard cheese.

Is sushi safe to eat while pregnant?

Not unless it’s cooked. Which to me, negates the whole point of sushi. But who am I to judge? I will take my sushi cravings when I can and if I have to pretend I’m eating a spicy tuna roll when in reality I’m really eating a cucumber avocado roll, then so be it.

What seafood can I eat while pregnant?

Certain fishes contain high levels of mercury which is a big NO-NO during pregnancy. During the summer, I do love some raw clams and a lobster tail or two, but thankfully it’s still 20 degrees outside so those cravings haven’t started yet. But, if you are craving shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish then you should think again. When I initially googled this question, I was really wondering how many shrimp cocktails I could consume. But I guess people have a strong desire for shark.

When should I start looking like I’m pregnant?

When we found out the news we were pregnant, I couldn’t wait for people to start noticing without me telling them. At 23 weeks, I’m looking more and more pregnant. Although, up until last week, I felt I still looked like I ate one too many burritos at Chipotle.

Should I exercise while pregnant?

Clearly the answer is yes. But I was hoping for someone to say no because I have fully enjoyed the lazy days of the first trimester. Now that I am 23 weeks in, I know that I should get my butt moving. Prenatal yoga and walking, here I come!

Is this feeling gas or is it my baby kicking?

Well, it could be either. At 23 weeks, I totally understand the difference between a little flatulence and my baby pretending she’s playing soccer with my placenta. I have been feeling those flutters for awhile now, but three weeks ago, I finally felt her kick.

How many carbs are too many?

I mean, is this real life? During my first trimester, all I wanted was bagels and pasta. Every single meal. My mommy friends would always say, “Go with what your body/baby wants!” Well, my baby wanted fettuccine alfredo and bagels with cream cheese on a daily basis, so I had to give her what she wanted, right? Now that I’m in my 2nd trimester, I’m slightly more picky about what I’m eating because you know, health.

When should I buy maternity clothes?

I pushed this envelope a bit too far and waited until around 21 weeks to start buying a couple of maternity pieces. What I discovered was a gold mine. I should’ve totally been stocking up on these jeans and leggings a long time ago! Automatic spanx. Comfortable leggings. AH-MAZ-ING.

I feel fine. What’s going on?

When you feel like garbage for so many weeks, it was odd to feel so good all of a sudden. But now that my energy level is back and I can actually diversify my diet, I’ve stopped asking this question. It’s good to feel good, so I’m soaking it up now.


What are some ridiculous things you have googled while pregnant?