Tales of the 2nd Trimester: The 20 Week Anatomy Scan

When I first told the world that I was pregnant, a few of my mommy friends told me that the 20-week anatomy scan was one of the best parts because it’s a longer sonogram where they measure everything.

Cool, I thought. I was just concentrating on not throwing up my bagel at this point. I was only about 9 weeks, and 20 weeks just seemed so far away.

Fast forward to 20 weeks. We scheduled it for first thing in the morning; we had both taken off that day and wanted to make the most of it. The sonogram technician came into the room, globbed some of that warm jelly on my belly and away we went.

Immediately, our baby girl popped up on the screen, wriggling away. (I had just had some orange juice and the sugar was making the baby dance, dance, dance.) She turned on the speaker and we heard the heartbeat, 140 bpm, super strong and I was instantly relieved (see the previous post).

Watching our baby girl was something I will never forget. My husband was awestruck; he kept blurting things out like:

Is that her brain?

Oh my gosh, those are the four chambers of her heart!

Look at her little legs!

He sat next to me, eyes glued to the screen. Tears formed in my eyes because this was something we have been looking forward to for a long time.

I loved seeing her dance around in my belly, kick her legs and move her arms. I had expressed to the technician that my doctor’s office doesn’t have the most updated sonogram machine and she was kind enough to provide an overload of photos of our baby girl.

With the 2nd trimester winding down, I am getting more and more excited to meet this little dancing peanut!