Three Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

I have been on my fair share of bachelorette parties. I’ve been to the wineries for the day, Hampton’s for the night, Atlantic City for the weekend. I’ve been bar-hopping in New York City and I’ve line-danced in Nashville. Every bachelorette party was unique to the bride. They were all fun in their own special way, and when it came time for my bachelorette, I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered. My matrons of honor (yes, I had three) were set on planning something for me, but I wanted to take the reins on this one. I love organizing events and parties, and I knew this would be super fun to plan. Bachelorette


Weddings can get expensive for the bridesmaids & friends. Between the engagement parties, to the bridal showers, to the bachelorette parties to the actual wedding day, it can make a pretty big dent in one’s bank account. I had so many destinations in mind: Las Vegas, Miami, Vermont, etc. Although I would’ve loved to have gone to any of those places, it’s not fair to ask people to spend a ridiculous amount of money. If I was going to go away for the weekend, I wanted to keep the cost in mind. I did a lot of research and settled on the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If I was to do it again though, I’d go to Nashville, Tennessee.


I didn’t want a heavy dinner during our stay in Atlantic City. I knew we would be going out both nights, and a heavy dinner never pairs well with alcohol and dancing. The first night, I opted for a family-style setting at Carmine’s. We ordered a bunch of appetizers and drinks. The second night, we decided to order a couple of pizza pies, grabbed some beers and enjoyed dinner on paper plates in our hotel room. Pizza crusts, beer cans, eyeliners, hair curlers scattered the room. It reminded me of getting ready with my girlfriends in Long Beach and I loved it! Revel


I am not the type of girl to pop some bottles at the club. My friends and I aren’t really “table service” kind of gals, and I didn’t want to add any extra costs to the weekend. I just wanted to do what we do best: dance and drink. The first night, we did a bit of a bar crawl at the Tropicana Hotel. We went to a sports bar first and indulged in 40 oz. cans of beer. We then peeked into an Irish pub. And then we settled at the hotel’s night club, Providence, until late. The DJ was playing all of our favorite songs and when we weren’t on the dance floor, we could be found at the back bar, sipping on drinks. This was exactly what I wanted and it was one of the best weekends with my best girlfriends.