Today marks our 4th wedding anniversary. Four years since I married my best friend. My soulmate. My forever dance partner. The soon-to-be father of our baby girl.

But this year was a tough one. On both of us.

We endured things that we never thought we would. We found ourselves battling situations that most couples will never have to worry about. We learned more about each other this year than in the six previous years we were together.

And ya know what? While it was trying at times, it was worth every tear, every embrace, every smile, and every penny. It made us stronger as a couple and as individuals. 

We walked down the road of uncertainty together; hand-in-hand; and because we never let go… of hope, of faith, of love… we never let go of the dreams we shared, we are going to welcome a baby girl into our hearts and lives in July.

I couldn’t ask for anything else this year.

love is kind




  • Lauren Fonvielle

    Happy Anniversary! xoxo