Tales of the 2nd Trimester: The Dreaded Glucose Screening Test

“You need to go and take the glucose screening test between 26-28 weeks,” my doctor told me. “You may fail the one-hour test, so be prepared to have to go back for the three-hour one.”

What was this test he was speaking about? Fail? I don’t like to fail at anything. I immediately panicked. Then I immediately texted my friends who had just gone through this.

“Ah, don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. Just don’t overload on sweets and carbs the week before.” 

Some advice… sheesh. I love carbs. I dabble in sweets. I thought this whole being pregnant thing allowed me to cautiously watch what I eat while possibly dipping into a Carvel ice cream sundae from time to time.

For the past week, I was careful not to overload on sweets and carbs. I’m actually not a huge sweets person but give a girl a bowl of pasta and some bread and she’s golden. I tried my best to stick to salads and lean protein for most meals. I also increased my water intake. (This was also widely due to the fact that my ankles started to swell… ahh joys of being pregnant.) 

Monday morning at 7 am, I was the first at the Lab. The nurse drew a couple of vials of blood. She then handed me a small water bottle with orange liquid and told me that I had five minutes to finish it and then they would start the one-hour timer. Thankfully

Five minutes? Thinking back to my party days where I was pretty damn good at chugging a beer during a flip cup game, I gave that bottle everything I had and chugged it within a minute.

“Finished already?”

“Gave it my best college try!” 

I sat down in the waiting room and immediately felt my baby girl moving and grooving. Major sugar rush.


The hour passed quickly; I brought a book and perused the internet on my phone. I heard the timer go off and the nurse called my name. She drew a vial of blood and told me to expect the results in 2-3 days from my doctor.

I’m anxious for the results; if I fail, which I have a feeling I did, I’ll either have to go back for the three-hour test or go straight to a nutritionist. At the end of the day, if ice cream isn’t in the cards for the next three months, then so be it. As long as my baby girl is healthy, I can show some restraint. And maybe lose a couple of lbs. in the process.