Wedding Planning 101: Please Don’t Stop the Music!

The day after you attend a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind?


If the DJ was amazing, you will still be talking about it the next day. If the band was out of this world, you and your friends will still be talking about how awesome their rendition of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z was and how so-and-so grabbed the mic and was rapping along side of the band.

Bottom line. Booking the right type of music is the most important aspect of your wedding planning. And so is the music choices you will have to make.

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Cocktail Hour

Are you into the harps? Trumpets? Steel drum band? String quartet? Or are you the type of person who loves a man who can strum the guitar strings and sing his heart out?

We went with the latter; we love live music, and since we went with a DJ for our reception, we wanted to give some love to our favorite guitarist. He performed at our engagement party, and he also sang our first dance song.

When making this decision, you definitely need to know your audience. Our guest list included a lot of people who have heard him play at our engagement party and he was all the rage. We knew we had to ask him to play our cocktail hour.

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

DJ vs. Band

In order to decide on this factor, one must consider their guest list.

What type of people will be attending your wedding?

Do they like to dance or will they be hanging out by the bar?

We were invited at a bunch of weddings prior to our own, so we knew what type of crowd we were going to have at ours: people who like to get their dance on. Our friends and family enjoy good music, so we knew that we couldn’t go wrong with a DJ. Our DJ is one of my good friends from high school and who also performs at bars and clubs in our area. He even played at several of our friends’ weddings. We knew we had to book him right away. He did such an amazing job; he listened to what we wanted and mixed in all of our favorite tunes with old school songs… the dance floor was packed for the entirety of the wedding.

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Choices, Choices, Choices…

What song will you choose for your entrance?

What song will you pick for your first dance?

The father-daughter dance?

The last song of the night?

The cake-cutting song? (Yes, you need to pick a song for this!) 

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Ahhhh – so many things to consider! I had an idea of the type of songs I wanted our DJ to play (although, our DJ was and is the boom dot com so I didn’t need to give him that much direction), but what about the more important “dances”? Thankfully, Wedding Paper Divas has you covered if you are ever in this predicament. (I die for their site; I used them for my Save-The-Dates and return address labels/stamps!)

They created a helpful wedding song interactive which is comprised of over 900 songs with great ideas for your wedding music selection. This will save you a lot of time (and stress) when it comes down to giving your DJ or band a list of songs for your wedding!

Source: Wedding Paper Diva

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

What do you prefer – a DJ or a Band? And how did you decide on what songs to pick for the major dances?

Leave your experiences in the comments!