3 Shops I’m Obsessed With Right Now

When you have a flurry of events in a short amount of time, a pregnant girl definitely needs to go shopping, ammirite? I hit up two of my favorite stores, PinkBlush and Old Navy for some great summer pieces to add to my maternity wardrobe. I also wanted to share a great deal at Pottery Barn Kids because I WANT EVERYTHING FROM THAT STORE!

PinkBlush Maternity

I have a wedding tonight and realized I didn’t have a single dress to wear that is wedding appropriate. Worse comes to worse, I’ll wear a nice maxi dress (I’m 8.5 months pregnant, who is going to care?) but I wanted to look semi-cute. I turned to PinkBlush Maternity website, which is the exact same site I bought my shower dress from. Super affordable and cute things! Of course I couldn’t just buy one thing, so I purchased a black dress for the wedding, a maxi summer dress, a robe for the hospital and a maxi dress for 4th of July weekend. They came within two days! I’m going with this dress for the wedding because my ankles are so swollen that the black dress just doesn’t look right.

Pottery Barn Kids

I had to make a couple of returns last weekend at Pottery Barn Kids (in-store) and noticed that they were having a huge clearance sale on their stuffed animals (among other things). I purchased this adorable little unicorn for $2.97. Yes. You saw that right. For less than $3! They had a slew of other animals to choose from, but Charlotte received so many at the shower so I only wanted to buy one.

Old Navy

A friend asked me if I started packing my hospital bag (answer: not yet) so I started to panic and realized I don’t have any nice pajamas or nursing tanks. I turned to Old Navy and Gap’s maternity section and purchased a bunch of cute pj’s and nursing cami’s for the hospital.