My Vintage Baby Shower

When it comes to party planning, my mother is the queen bee. She has been hosting parties for as long as I can remember and every party she plans is better than the last one. When it came time to plan my baby shower for my baby girl, I knew it would be just as amazing as all of her other events.

I sat with my mom and we sorted through some ideas out together. I wanted to be semi-involved: I wanted to know the date (I didn’t want to be surprised at 31 weeks pregnant), check out the venue and help out with some minor details. But other than that, I wanted most of the event to be a surprise. My mom took to Pinterest and found some great ideas and we went from there.

The end result? A gorgeous, vintage themed baby shower.

Vintage Place Cards

My mom found these great place cards and had a calligrapher friend write each guests’ name and table number. They went perfectly with the theme.

Vintage Dessert Table

My mom and I found these cute cupcake stands at HomeGoods, along with some cake stands and trays. We ordered the cupcakes from a local bakery. (The same bakery that created our gender reveal cupcakes!)

Baby Shower Games

My mom asked each guest to write down their “Advice for the New Mom” on a dress cutout. At the end, she put them inside a photo album for me. I loved reading all the great advice from my friends and family.

Another great game was Kristine’s Laundry Basket. Guests had to guess how many pairs of socks were in the “laundry basket”. I loved this game – I thought it was original and cute; not to mention now Charlotte has quite the sock collection!

On the table, my mom had a cute poem for the guests from Charlotte. (Click here to download the Baby Shower Thank You poem.) She also had a copy of Baby Shower Bingo. (Click here to download the Baby Shower Bingo card.)

One last game (not pictured) was the Left-Right game. If you never played this game, it’s one of my favorites. The entire table is involved. My mom had a small rattle on each table. One person started with the rattle in their hand. As I read the story, every time I said the word “right”, the rattle would get passed to the person on the right. If I said the word “left”, the person would pass it to the person on the left. At the end of the story, whoever had the rattle in their hand, received the centerpiece as the prize. (Click here to read the story!)

Baby Shower Book Request

I found these cute Baby Shower Book Request cards on Etsy and included them in each invitation. Most of our guests brought a book and now Charlotte has her own little library! My mom also borrowed a vintage baby carriage from a friend and used it for the books.

Mom-to-Be Baby Table

My mom had saved a bunch of my baby clothes and accessories and displayed them at the shower! This was one of the surprises my mom had in store for me. I cried when I saw it; I thought it was the sweetest thing! She also had some of my favorite childhood books, dolls and other memorable items on the table. (The BABY table was part of the package from the catering hall.) 

Baby Shower Decor

My mom found these great birdcages online and had the local florist fill them with beautiful flowers. Honestly, they came out better than I expected and I just loved the vintage vibe.

Baby Shower Gift Table

Over the gift table, my mom made a banner with a couple of baby pictures of me, my husband, one of each of our dogs when they were puppies and in the middle was the latest sonogram. I loved it!

  • It was soooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!! You cannot help but be jealous. I’m so glad you were showered with love for baby Charlotte!!!

  • BJ Ford

    One of the best baby showers I’ve ever been to. The event was decorated beautifully and the atmosphere was fantastic. Great job!