‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

*This post is from 2014 – throwing it back on this Christmas Eve!*

Ahhhh! It’s Christmas Eve!

Last minute shopping, wrapping, organizing ensues…

Christmas Eve

Christmas Tradition: Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with my brothers and my brothers best friend, Adam.

This year, I was late to the wrapping game. I’m not sure if it was because we had a busy December or if it was because I was exhausted after work and a workout to start wrapping, but I spent the majority of the weekend wrapping gifts. My basement floor is littered with bows, bits of wrapping paper, Christmas bags, tissue paper, rolls of unused wrapping paper, tags, cards…. I still have a couple more to go, as I have a shopping problem and cannot stop shopping…

Christmas Eve always evokes memories from my childhood… spending time with my family, eating a delicious meal, reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with my brothers and setting out the plate of cookies, some carrots and milk for Santa and his reindeer. We had our own family traditions and I loved them.

I remember Christmas mornings at our old house… my brothers and I patiently sitting on the top of the stairs, trying to take a peek at the array of gifts under the tree. We weren’t allowed to go downstairs until my parents gave us the OK, and I remember that quiet time spent with my brothers before the craziness of unwrapping, the shouts of happiness, and the crunching of the wrapping paper under our slippers as we ran to show the others what we received from Santa. It’s a vivid memory, and I always cherished that time spent with my family. It was just us, there was no one else, we helped each other put together toys, or we played the newest games, or we sat on the couch together and read instructions… We were always grateful to receive such thoughtful and awesome gifts.

Now, I am making new memories and creating new traditions with my own family. My husband, my pups… we enjoy Christmas Eve at his parent’s house, we come home and each open one gift from each other. I read Bentley the story, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas because it is a tradition I really enjoy and would like to continue when we have children one day. Bentley doesn’t mind; he cuddles on my lap and usually is snoozing before I turn the last page.

I still get the same feeling on Christmas morning; the feeling of excitement, the feeling of love and warmth. My husband and I open our gifts together, we give Bentley all his gifts from Santa, which usually go untouched until he is finished crunching on the wrapping paper, bows and tissue paper that scatter the floor. I usually make pancakes and with the parade or yule log in the background. We spend Christmas Day with my side of the family, exchanging gifts and laughs… It’s a beautiful time of year and I love spending it with my family.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very, Merry Christmas. I hope you are creating memories and traditions that will last a lifetime.